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Tackling burnout culture during a worldwide pandemic —

Reports suggest that women are more likely to reach burnout than men. Not only, despite many regulations, are women still fighting for true equality in the workplace, research has found that women must work even harder than men in order to be acknowledged for workplace contributions. In addition, women are more likely to be responsible for emotional and physical labour at home. “There is pressure to be a modern woman with the time to do more traditional chores, which is impossible to do without

How can fashion designers prepare for the job market post-lockdown?

A career in fashion design is infamously challenging, requiring years of training, unpaid internships and underpaid freelance gigs. Throughout their studies, designers are made acutely aware of the barriers they must overcome in order to eventually secure a job within the industry. Despite this, nobody could have ever been prepared for the dire circumstances into which current fashion graduates, entering the job market post-lockdown, have been thrust.

Daichi Tabata on championing storytelling through design

His ‘Cannot Throw Away’ collection has a nostalgic patchwork feel and is centred on his own experiences and emotions. “I research events that have influenced me, I draw pictures of emotions and I build up the material from there,” he explains of his process. For example, inspired by his time as a medic, he added bandage pieces to the collection. “I wanted to portray the conflicting ideas of tightness and security by wrapping and covering my pieces with the bandages and gauze that I was familiar

Sarah Lim: “Clothing is meant to be worn.”

“Before this collection, I kept them very separate in my life. I don’t know why it didn’t click in my head to use them together.” Lim’s recent project Strange Realities, Boring Fiction explores the repetitive routineness of growing up in suburbia, and how this often leads to a curiosity for the unusual or, as she describes it, the taboo. She is also an illustrator, and this collection marks the first time she has combined both talents: “Before this collection, I kept them very separate in my li

How Sandra Poulson wove Angolan history into her collection

“I ask the teachers and new students to keep making their creations relevant to the world we live in. As a medium, fashion should be utilised to continue starting the conversations that need to be discussed,” Poulson is adamant that these changes don’t have to be a bad thing as this experience forced her to adapt and progress as an artist. Her biggest hope, however, is that it will offer students a new perspective on what is important. “I ask the teachers and new students to keep making their c

Florentina Leitner: “Do we really need more fashion?”

Leitner’s recent Vertigo collection, for example, was inspired by an exhibition of the same name at the mumok museum in Vienna. Moved by the optical art that she saw there, she devoured all the information she could find on the subject. From watching Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Vertigo to creating her own optic art collages, she explored the theme extensively. Like all her work, Leitner’s Vertigo collection is about bringing joy. “I am playful [with my work], I always like fun details.” It

Is using Instagram as a tool for self promotion right for you?

As Covid-19 forces everyone into lockdown, an overwhelmingly large (and, somewhat, underrepresented) community of young creatives are finding themselves at a standstill. Booked jobs have been cancelled, roles are no longer being advertised, and the industry, which is usually based on collaboration and partnerships, has never felt so isolated. “Instagram is so drenched in creatives trying to promote themselves that it can be easy to become lost in it, and so perhaps it loses its significance.”

6 Beauty Products That’ll Keep Your Skin Glowing While You Work Out

We’ve all been told the reasons why we shouldn’t be wearing makeup to exercise. However, we know that feeling confident at the gym is the quickest way to get in the mood for smashing PBs and reaching goals. While we might not like to admit it, applying our favorite foundation or a swipe of mascara is often a dependable way to get an added hit of confidence pre-workout. Exercise can do wonders for your skin, explains Lisa Franklin, a London based skincare expert. “It promotes good circulation; t

Anti Social Social Club drops SS20 ‘Hung Up’ Collection

Anti Social Social Club dropped its SS20 collection this weekend. The ‘Hung Up’ collection features a selection of the streetwear label’s signature tees and hoodies, alongside more niche offerings such as dog collars, aprons, and facemasks. As has come to be expected of the brand, everything is covered in their iconic distorted logo. A feature that always keeps loyal streetwear fans coming back for more. The collection is the perfect combination of futuristic and nostalgic, with tie-dye hoodies

The Cult of Laura Ashley: As the British Brand Closes, We Revisit its Heritage of Charming Chintz

The Cult of Laura Ashley: As the British Brand Closes, We Revisit its Heritage of Charming Chintz Few brands are as divisive as Laura Ashley. For grannies only or vintage gold dust? There seems to be no in-between opinion on the heritage British label. As one of the first major brands to face administration in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, it feels timely to take a moment to recognise the remarkable influence the brand has had on the fashion industry. While 2020 may mark the end of Laura Ash

Why Japanese beauty and skincare still reigns supreme

Intricate rituals, innovative ingredients, and a sustainable mindset – the West is only just catching up on traditional Japanese skincare and If you typed ‘Japanese Beauty’ into a search engine a few years ago, you would have likely only received back images of Japanese geisha. While these highly trained women are an important part of Japanese culture, it’s easy for those in the West – who grew up learning about Japan through films and media that relied heavily on stereotypes – to assume this t

Nellie Eden: Redefining beauty for a new era

When new platforms like Tik Tok pop up, it can often feel like the people using them on behalf of a magazine are too old to be doing so. How do you tackle this at Dazed Beauty? I have a really young, very diverse team and they are fantastic. Take Jess, our Social Media Editor. I think she’s 22, so they’re not 16, right. I can’t hire 16-year olds. But I meet those 16-year olds at the events we do. I stand around, and I chat with them and it’s amazing. We have been running a campaign [Tallawah] a

V&A brings kimono culture to London

Ask anyone where the concept of fashion was invented, and it’s likely they’ll answer Paris or Europe, referencing haute couture and (if they’re real experts) Charles Frederick Worth. For decades, this view was accepted, even by the most well-read of scholars. A new generation of academics are working to counter this myth as evidence emerges that Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures shared similar fashion systems to those found in Europe. With this in mind, curators at London’s V&A museum felt

Do it in Dior like Charlize

harlize Theron looked every inch the Hollywood icon as she arrived on the Academy Awards red carpet. Wearing custom Dior for the evening's festivities, the actress had us all in awe of her timeless style. This simple gown has been expertly tailored to hug every curve, while the thigh high slit adds a dramatic edge to the piece. We love the simple all-black style; you just can't go wrong with a classic black dress. Of course, no Oscars look is complete without lots of dazzling diamonds, and Charlize had plenty of them - just look at the gems on that necklace!

Pick a floral playsuit like Laura in Hasan Hejazi

Love Island 2020 is here and we're beyond excited to see Laura Whitmore take to her new role as presenter. Spotted on her first ever trip to the villa, Laura showed off her sartorial savviness in a dreamy floral playsuit. It's from Hasan Hejazi and features a retro floral print in a luxurious jacquard, with a belted midriff and plunge neckline. It's also got some serious balloon sleeves, so it's bang on-trend. Thankfully for fans of Laura's gorgeous playsuit, it's available for pre-order. Click right to get yours. Laura paired hers with wedge sandals and dainty jewellery, but it would look just as stylish with trainers.

Ffora: The accessories label driving inclusivity in the fashion industry

While she’s excited for the shoot, Lucy also shares how she often feels nervous about using models – all of whom have become good friends since working closely with them at FFORA – in their promo. Many such new talents, such as Jourdie Godley and Bri Scalesse, have been able to launch modelling careers after their shoots were picked up by the likes of Teen Vogue and High Snobiety. “We feel such responsibility as well, knowing that we are saying something and putting people we have really close
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